The Future of Education

Whether it’s a change of environment, new skill, or even the attitudes people have towards technology, the tech industry is constantly evolving. When it comes to the education sector specifically, it has drastically transformed from a basic four-walled classroom to one that is booming with technological tools.

I personally feel that analytics, adaptive learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are very hot topics right now. There are a lot of conversations happening around the world relating to the adoption of AI to develop learning, improve access to education and reduce costs.

In my opinion, digital transformation should be a priority for all education institutions, whether it’s educational learning or research studies, there are huge benefits to digitalisation, including increased availability and faster consumption of information. I also see modular learning benefiting from digitalisation, because institutes have to cater to different competencies. Digitalisation can help to measure effective adaptation, as well as upgrade teaching abilities with the assistance of collaborative learning via virtual classrooms and mobile learning apps. Digital transformation has brought about unprecedented changes in the modern education system.

Technology is playing the part of Disruptive Mindset in the field of education and the need of the hour is simple innovation. Digital Transformation is eminent now more than ever. Read about technology trends and my views on how innovative technology is changing the landscape.

*published GigaBit Magazine, Australia – March 2020 (page 232)
*download Future of Education – GigaBit Magazine, Australia, March 2020 (article extract)

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